At Daltec, we continuously develop new products, assemble well-known products into new systems and program customised controllers. In this way, we ensure that our technological solutions always solve the specific needs of customers in the best possible way and with maximum operational reliability.

We are able to combine our recognised, simple and reliable mechanical solutions with our own especially programmed software. This has meant that we have acquired customers worldwide because, regardless of the building conditions, feeding principles and level of management, we can supply both components and complete systems.   

Our technology is both simple and advanced. This ensures that everyone can use it in practice but also that operations managers have a full overview of the performance of the systems. This is one of the reasons why, for decades, Daltec has supplied systems to all forms of animal husbandry in agriculture worldwide, is at the forefront of aquacultures and is able to solve tasks within the food industry.

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There is always something going on at Daltec. New products, exciting projects and interesting feedback from customers. We would like to tell our dealers and collaborative partners more about all this!

EasyFeed feed dispenser

The patented Easy Feed™ feed dispenser has been developed with carefully considered details that ensure easier operation and higher functionality. We have focused on reducing the risk of human error in the feeding process which will ultimately increase growth.

Y connection to EasyFeed

Using a double connection, two types of feed can now also be assigned in a parallel system through the EasyFeed feed dispenser with all the well-known advantages.

Feed Assistant Online control

Feed Assistant Online is the central control in the Daltec portion system. Feed Assistant provides ongoing monitoring and control of the operation of the system so that the animals are also fed in the event that PC is not operating.

Focus on the detail in new joint link to the
Dalte cable

Every year, Daltec delivers kilometers of the internationally recognized Daltec cable, which can also be fitted with cleaning brushes. The Daltec cable is known as one of the most reliable cables for feed transport. We have now optimised the classic cable connector, which means that it is even more flexible when passing corners and driving wheels. Thanks to updates in the manufacturing process, the joint link has been given more rounded surfaces which generate less friction when the joint link bends. At the same time, we have chosen to emboss the cable dimension into the two joint links to allow customers and service technicians to be entirely certain that they use the correct parts during assembly and service. The new cable connector replaces the old ones and have therefore been given the same item numbers.

A new generation of controls for
Multimix valves

The renowned Daltec Multimix valve which is also used by other manufacturers has been given a newly developed control module. In addition to a significantly improved internal positioning principle which means amongst others that the valve can ascertain its own open and closed position. At the same time, we have developed the valve to now include an on-board indication of power supply, sensor signal and connection to/activity on the network. The new electronics are completely encapsulated in a protective varnish. This protects the electrical components from the often aggressive air environment in the barn.

Feed outlet with flexible damper

Our recently developed feed outlet with flexible sliding dampers is an economical and durable solution with an ergonomic design. Feed outlets with flexible dampers are available at a lower cost than feed outlets with steel dampers and, at the same time, have a much longer service life than ordinary outlets with dampers in hard plastic thanks to the flexible material.

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