En Daltec, desarrollamos continuamente nuevos productos, combinamos productos conocidos con nuevos sistemas y programamos controles personalizados para nuestros clientes. De esta forma, nos aseguramos de que nuestras soluciones tecnológicas resuelvan siempre las necesidades específicas de los clientes de la mejor forma posible y con la máxima fiabilidad operativa.

Podemos combinar nuestras reconocidas, sencillas y fiables soluciones mecánicas con nuestro propio software especialmente programado. Tenemos clientes en todo el mundo, porque independientemente de las condiciones de construcción, principios de alimentación y nivel de gestión, podemos suministrar componentes y dispositivos completos.   

Nuestra tecnología es a la vez simple y avanzada. Esto asegura que todos puedan aplicarla en la práctica, pero también que los jefes de operaciones tengan una visión general completa del desempeño de los dispositivos. Esta es una de las razones por las que Daltec ha proporcionado durante décadas instalaciones para todas las formas de cría de animales en la agricultura en todo el mundo, está a la vanguardia de los cultivos acuáticos y puede resolver tareas en la industria alimentaria.

Daltec participates at NutriFair in Denmark from 17 – 18 May 2022

NutriFair is Denmark's trade fair for livestock producers. Here the focus is on products for indoor mechanization, feed and animal welfare for animal agricultural production.
NutriFair is a targeted trade fair with a focus on expertise and professionalism, and there is a guarantee of meeting the right people.
The visitors are decision makers and key people from agriculture
- 5,724 of them came in 2020.
Daltec exhibits together with our Danish dealer AskTeq Staldteknik.

NEW BY DALTEC – Feed chains

Chain or cable? There is no accounting for taste and there are arguments for and against both. At Daltec, we primarily work with cables as this is a durable, flexible and hygienic solution with minimal separation along the transport system.

Others prefer chains. We have now taken customer requests to heart and, going forward, will be able to also provide feed chains of Ø44 and Ø48 carriers for the 60 system. ”Click-On” cleaning brushes are also available for chain-based systems.
NOTE! Daltec drive units can be used for both cables and chains. Moreover, Daltec friction drives retain the same well-known advantages when used with chains.

Daltec AQUA contributes to environmentally friendly “onshore” fish farming throughout the world

The interest in farming fish in onshore production facilities is rising sharply. This is due to both the desire for ever more efficient farming and to the desire for environmentally friendly production without feed waste and with full control of water quality. 

Daltec is at the forefront of this development and has already supplied physical feeding systems and feed controls to farms around the world. The focus points have been gentle feed transport with minimal destruction of the pellets, reliability, the possibility of accurate management via electronic controls, management reports, etc. The fact that our systems are quiet and energy efficient has also affected the choice.

Daltec will participate in a Danish business promotion at the agricultural fair FIGAN in Spain
21th - 24th September

Spain has a significant production of pigs. In fact, they have Europe’s largest pig population with as much as 31.37 million. pigs. We are already represented in Spain via a dealer, but have nevertheless said yes to an invitation from The Trade Council under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to participate at the fair together with other Danish companies from the food cluster. The Trade Council helps small and large companies to create innovation, start exports and expand activities to new markets. We hope to meet and talk to farmers from Spain to learn about their needs and requirements.
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There is always something going on at Daltec. New products, exciting projects and interesting feedback from customers. We would like to tell our dealers and collaborative partners more about all this!

Caja de alimentación EasyFeed.

La caja de alimentación patentada Easy Feed se ha desarrollado con detalles bien pensados que garantizan una operación más fácil y una mayor funcionalidad. Nos hemos centrado en reducir el riesgo de error humano en el proceso de alimentación, que en última instancia aumentará el crecimiento.

Conexión en Y a EasyFeed

Con la ayuda de la conexión doble, ahora también se pueden asignar 2 tipos de alimentación en un sistema paralelo a través de la caja de alimentación EasyFeed con todas las ventajas conocidas.

Control de Feed Assistant Online

Feed Assistant Online es el control central del dispositivo de porciones de Daltec. Feed Assistant asegura el monitoreo y control continuo del funcionamiento del dispositivo, de modo que los animales también sean alimentados, incluso si el PC no pueda funcionar.

Focus on the detail in new joint link to the Dalte cable
Daltec Wiren

Every year, Daltec delivers kilometers of the internationally recognized Daltec cable, which can also be fitted with cleaning brushes. The Daltec cable is known as one of the most reliable cables for feed transport. We have now optimised the classic cable connector, which means that it is even more flexible when passing corners and driving wheels. Thanks to updates in the manufacturing process, the joint link has been given more rounded surfaces which generate less friction when the joint link bends. At the same time, we have chosen to emboss the cable dimension into the two joint links to allow customers and service technicians to be entirely certain that they use the correct parts during assembly and service. The new cable connector replaces the old ones and have therefore been given the same item numbers.

A new generation of controls for Multimix valves
Multimix ventiler

The renowned Daltec Multimix valve which is also used by other manufacturers has been given a newly developed control module. In addition to a significantly improved internal positioning principle which means amongst others that the valve can ascertain its own open and closed position. At the same time, we have developed the valve to now include an on-board indication of power supply, sensor signal and connection to/activity on the network. The new electronics are completely encapsulated in a protective varnish. This protects the electrical components from the often aggressive air environment in the barn.

Salida de alimentación con amortiguación flexible

Nuestra salida de alimentación recientemente desarrollada con amortiguadores deslizantes flexibles es una solución económica y duradera con un diseño ergonómico. Las salidas de alimentación con amortiguación flexible están disponibles a un precio más bajo que las salidas de alimentación con amortiguadores de acero y, al mismo tiempo, tienen una vida útil mucho más larga que las salidas ordinarias con amortiguadores de plástico duro gracias al material flexible.

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