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World-class feeding systems

For more than 40 years, we have specialised in developing and manufacturing feeding systems for agriculture and fish industry. The aim of our products and solutions is to make everyday work easier for our customers. This is also why they have been developed in close collaboration with farmers, fish hatcheries and distributors throughout the world.

Our distributors are experts in our systems. Through our close collaboration with them, we update our products to ensure the ever more efficient and reliable solutions needed today.

Daltec systems are sold through a network of distributors who are experts in our systems and in turning your feeding needs into specific solutions. Whether it is a matter of conventional or more advanced feeding needs, we are able to provide simple and efficient solutions. And they are also easy to use.


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”We have done all this to provide you with reliable operations which also lets you enjoy a longer system service life and a minimum of service costs"

The perfect match

To increase their service life, all Daltec systems are equipped with friction drives. Combined with our strong steel cable, this provides a strong, yet gentle, pull on the cable. In addition, we have developed a special cleaning brush which follows the cable around the system and cleans it from the inside. The brush prevents coatings and mould forming on the inside of the lines.

Every day, our experienced staff help to optimise our solutions and business processes. This lets you enjoy fast processing and professional guidance.


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