Valves and outlets


The feed valves are equipped with LEDs that indicate the positions open/close as well as status and any alarms. The valves allow you to feed sties on an individual, consecutive basis, just as there is the option of a feed sensor. All valves are equipped with a detachable funnel and are available in a network-controlled version or as an analogue model that is controlled via an analogue open/close signal.


The network-controlled version always provides feedback on open/close commands. The analogue model is available with or without feedback.

Feed sensor

The network-controlled model already has standard connection terminals for a feed sensor allowing you to also set up needs-based feed allocation

"The Multimix feed valves allow you to set up portion feeding and phase feeding in which the system assigns individual feed mixes to the individual valves.”

Feed outlets for the 60 and 63 system

This outlet can handle the quantities of feed that the 60 and 63 system transports. The outlet can therefore also be advantageously used for phase feeding with phase dampers where it is important that the pipe is emptied.

Feed outlet 50.8 mm

The feed outlet can easily be disassembled and reassembled for cleaning. The outlet fits both Ø58 mm and Ø63 mm down pipes.

Outlet for phase feeding

Outlet for phase feeding. Available for both two and three phase systems. The desired diet is set using the coloured indications on the slider.

New manual outlets

The new manual outlet are designed to be put on and removed without the need for tools. Available with plastic or stainless-steel dampers.