Feeding Solutions

Daltec manufactures feeding systems for the production of pigs, cattle, poultry and fish, amongst others. We have done so since 1978, i.e. for more than 40 years. We always focus on the user experiencing reliability and efficiency. You will therefore find that we provide user-friendly technology and carefully considered solutions to everyday challenges.

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Michael Dall

CEO and product development
- Electronic components and controllers

One of my goals is that our technological solutions should always solve specific needs in the simplest way possible and make everyday work easier for our customers. 

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Christian Dall

CEO and product development
- Mechanical components

It's important to me that we at Daltec, develop relevant products with high durability, at the right price, without compromising our high quality.

"Together, we create strong solutions”

Filling systems

If only one diet is required, you could advantageously choose a filling system using the simple Daltec 1001 controller. This system can be equipped with simple and robust feed outlets, EasyFeed or Daltec’s round feed dispensers. With the round dispensers, you get all the way down to a 0.25L minimum dosing quantity.

Stald med grise

Parallel-line systems

If you need to be able to work with more diets in one system, you could advantageously choose our parallel-line system. In principle, this gives you one system per diet. This provides both an overall high transport capacity and also simple and user-friendly operation.

Phase feeding systems

If you need to work with several diets, but also want just a simple system with only one pipeline, you could advantageously choose a phase feeding system. This system lets you mix feed from different silos and chose the sties to be fed the respective mixes.

Stald med foderkasser

Multiphase portion systems

With a Daltec portion feeding system, you are able to adapt the feeding on a sty-by-sty basis to the actual growth rate of the animals, make gradual changes to the feed and follow actual feed consumption. Feeding can be either restricted, ad-libitum or a combination of these.

Aqua culture

We supply feeding systems and controllers to some of the most innovative land-based systems of the industry, where precision, minimal development of crumbs and quiet operation are of great importance. With a Daltec feeding system, our 20-plus years of practical experience of supplying land-based fish farms will also benefit you.

Daltec cable


Developing and supplying high-quality and durable components is customary to Daltec. This is why we retain production in Denmark. During development, we focus on reliability, simplicity and ease of use. Feel free to call us and let us review the options if you would like to upgrade your systems with Daltec components.

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