Feed outlets with flex damper

"The recently developed feed outlet with flexible damper is a user-friendly and hygienic product with a long service life. It is an economical and sustainable alternative to outlets with steel dampers or hard-plastic dampers.”


Daltec has made a new outlet in plastic, which encompasses a flexible damper.

Eventually, an ordinary sliding damper in hard plastic will accumulate meal dust and water and can become very sluggish..

The new outlet is much easier to adjust via two eyes in the slider than the old sliders which can only be operated from one end.


The new feed outlet with flexible sliding damper opens and closes much more easily and the use of flexible material means that the damper does not break if bent. If the outlet is to be closed or opened, the damper must be pulled rather than pushed. Combined with ergonomic handles at either end of the sliding damper, ensures that operation is easy.

Our newly designed feed outlet is a more economical solution compared to outlets with steel dampers but with a longer service life than ordinary feed outlets with dampers made from hard plastic.

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