Feed dispensers


EasyFeed is a state-of-the-art feed dispenser which provides you with both more functions and a higher degree of user-friendliness than other types of feed dispensers.

By way of example, put the red handwheel in the lower position. This adjusts the dispenser to normal operation. If you move the handwheel to the upper position, the dispenser is locked. It is both easy to do and it is subsequently easy to determine the adjustment of the individual dispensers. Even when using many dispensers and at a great distance, the handwheel gives you a clear and quick overview.

EasyFeed also provides you with a large medicine hatch, a detachable funnel and a wide range of other details that are important in a modern production.

Easyfeed DUO

We have developed a double connection that is easily mounted directly on the Daltec EasyFeed feed dispenser. This allows you both the option of allocating two diets as well as all the well-known benefits of the EasyFeed feed dispenser.

"EasyFeed is the most user-friendly dispenser in the market. The easy operation and the number of built-in functions make it an obvious choice in efficient pig production.”


The round Daltec feed dispensers provide you with unique accuracy and are also one of the best tested designs on the market.

You get easy adjustment of the quantity of feed via the handwheel at the bottom of the front. At the same time, you have the option of individual disconnection in connection with e.g. farrowing. The feed dispenser is also easy to clean via the removable funnel.

Available in sizes 4, 6, 8 and 10 litres. 

BIO-FIX® is the feed dispenser for loose housing.

Each BIO-FIX dispenser can serve two animals. The dosing occurs at a rate corresponding to the slowest eating pace of the animals. This reduces the risk of fighting during feeding.
The dispenser consists of a feed container with two augers dispensing the feed being placed in the funnel.

Using a shut-off damper, the dispenser can be adjusted to only serve one animal. BIO-FIX® is available in 6-litre dispensers.